Get your favorite device along with amazing benefits from stc website or mystc app

stc brings you a special offer for a unique mobile experience that saves you time and effort. Get your favorite device now on the stc website or mystc app when you subscribe to the postpaid plans starting from KD 15, with a commitment period of 24 months, and enjoy 500GB internet and unlimited local minutes.

Don’t miss the opportunity, Stay safe, stay connected!

Terms and conditions

  • It’s for a limited time
  • Offer includes unlimited minutes and 500GB internet capacity
  • The commitment period is 24 months
  • Offer available only for subscriptions via the stc website
  • Offer includes free delivery service

Plan details:

iPhone Add-on End user price
iPhone XR 64GB KD 5 KD 20
iPhone XR 128GB KD 7 KD 22
iPhone XR 256GB KD 9 KD 24
iPhone XS 64GB KD 10 KD 25
iPhone XS 256GB KD 12 KD 27
iPhone XS 512GB KD 13 KD 28
iPhone XS Max 64GB KD 14 KD 29
iPhone XS Max 256GB KD 16 KD 31
iPhone XS Max 512GB KD 19 KD 34
iPhone X 64GB KD 13 KD 28
iPhone X 256GB KD 17 KD 32
iPhone 8 Plus 64GB KD 4 KD 19
iPhone 8 Plus 128GB KD 6 KD 21

Plan details

Samsung Add-on End user price
M30s FREE KD 15
S10 E 128GB KD 6 KD 21
S10 128GB KD 8 KD 23
S10+ 128GB KD 9 KD 24
S10+ 512GB KD 12 KD 27
S10+ 1TB KD 16 KD 31
Note 10 256GB KD 9 KD 24
Note 10+ 256GB KD 11 KD 26
Note 10+ 512GB KD 13 KD 28
Huawei Add-on End user price
Psmart 2019 FREE KD 15
P30 lite FREE KD 15
P30 Pro 256GB KD 4 KD 19

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