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stc Suqoor

stc Suqoor provides advanced drone solutions for security and surveillance, especially useful in the fields of geospatial intelligence, precision agriculture, engineering and survey, inspection and asset management, aerial data for oil & gas sector and more.

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stc 5G LIVEBUS, is a custom-made innovation outfitted with state-of-the-art security solutions that keeps you updated in real time while monitoring the safety of the passengers. Among its hi-tech features are means to tackle the current pandemic such as the command center with its live feed function to enforce social distancing within the bus. Further, it has thermal cameras to record body temperatures of passengers to ensure everyone’s safety.

stc 5G LIVEBUS Solutions

  • Surveillance system to monitor the surroundings of the bus
  • Stop arm to inform the road drivers when passengers are boarding and exiting the bus
  • Interior cameras to register the number of passengers entering the bus
  • GPS bus tracking device to locate the position of the bus on the road and reduce the waiting time for the bus to arrive
  • Temperature, humidity sensors, & smoke detectors to measure and ensure a comfortable and consistent climate inside the bus, especially during summer
  • Driver's behavior sensors to help the driver stay undistracted and focused on the road
  • Motion control devices & safe-to-exit button to make sure all passengers have exited the bus
  • Command center to monitor and receive data from the bus, enabling fast interventions when necessary
  • Mobile application to keep the 5G LIVEBUS monitored at any given time
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As part of our efforts to support the vision - Kuwait 2035 -, and pioneering the digital transformation of Kuwait, stc is actively involved in Research & Developing initiatives to spearhead innovation. We enable the enhancement of organizational performance through safe and secure solutions. Further, we empower the front liners in the fight against COVID 19 with smart technologies to monitor and control its spread.


Home isolation and tracking solutions

Monitoring Bracelet

Used as a solution for Home Isolation, it is easy to install yet hard to remove. Powered by a long-lasting battery to ensure round-the-clock monitoring, the bracelet is manufactured using the highest medical standards to avoid any skin complications. It is waterproof and can also be sterilized to be used with other patients.

The monitoring bracelet sends notifications to the Emergency Command Center if the user:

  • Removes the bracelet
  • Turns off the main receiver
  • Exceeds the home range
  • Remains motionless for a certain time
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