Dr. Mahmoud Ahmad Abdulrahman

Vice Chairman

Mr. Ameen Ben Fahad Ben Abdulaziz Al-Shiddi

Representative of Saudi Telecom Company (stc)

Mr. Ameen Ben Fahad Al-Shiddi is currently serving as stc Group CFO. He joined stc in 2001 and occupied many significant positions before serving as the Senior President of Finance.

He was in charge of all financial activities such as accounting, audit, planning and budgeting. Mr. Ameen also handled all the treasury activities locally and internationally, financial risks, mergers, acquisitions, credit rating and investor relations. He has gained a wide experience with consultancy companies in KSA، in the communications industry and related activities before joining stc.

Mr. Ameen received his Bachelors of Science Degree in management from King Saud University in Riyadh and his Master’s degree in Accounting from Southwest Missouri State University, USA. He also has CPA from USA and SOCPA from KSA.

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