Dr. Mahmoud Ahmad Abdulrahman

Board Member

Mrs. Iman Mohammed Al-Ahmed

Representative of The public Institution for Social Security

Mrs. Iman Mohammed Al Ahmad serves as board member of Kuwait Telecommunications Company (stc). She began her career in the field of computer and information systems 35 years ago with the Public Institution for Social Security in 1983 as a systems engineer and has held many positions in the institution until now and currently she is the Deputy Director General for Information Technology.

Mrs. Iman Mohamed Al-Ahmad has a practical experience in preparing the strategic plan for the implementation of internal and external projects related to electronic systems and contributing to the development of existing technical systems to cope with technological developments in terms of automating all decisions, laws, circulars and legislations related to Social security and electronic systems and other systems serving the organization's departments.

Mrs. Iman Al Ahmad is a member of the Board of Directors of Wafra Real Estate Company representing The Public Institution for Social Security.
Mrs. Iman Al Ahmad graduated from Kuwait University in 1983. She holds a Bachelor's degree in Economics and a specialization in Marketing. Mrs. Iman Al Ahmad also participated in various training courses in all fields of technical, commercial and financial in several international training centers.

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