Published Date : 26th November 2019
VIVA Launches new corporate values: Drive, Devotion and Dynamism, Al-Hammad: investing in our employees and enriching our customers’ experience

Kuwait - 25th November 2019: VIVA, a world-class digital leader providing innovative services and platforms to customers and enabling the digital transformation in Kuwait, and a subsidiary of STC Group, has launched its new corporate values ‘Drive, Devotion and Dynamism’, through a series of activities held at VIVA Headquarter building, in the form of messages, team-building workshops and interactive events led by both the Human Resources and Public Relations teams.

The activities featured awareness sessions that brought the employees from different departments together, and underlined the significance of implementing these values within the organization as they are main contributors to the vision and culture of the company. VIVA is keen on focusing not just on technical competencies but on those that lie underneath as core values which in turn impact work culture and corporate performance.

On this occasion, Mr. Ahmad Hamad Al-Hammad, VIVA CHRO stated: “ It is important to note that VIVA corporate strategy revolves around investing in our employees and enriching our customers’ experience. How we define corporate values today identifies our best practices and reflects on our business performance internally amongst our employees and externally on our customers and investors. Living our values and encouraging everyone in the company to do so has turned into a key performance objective driving us to achieve our corporate goals. Moreover, we ensured that everyone understands the new set of values that were selected and implemented in order to be able to relate to them and link them to their daily corporate operations and functions.”

VIVA continues to reinforce its stance as a digital leader in the telecommunications arena with topnotch and innovative products, services and solutions that cater to our customers' needs and demands, in line with the technological evolution taking place across the nation and the region.”

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