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Internet Postpaid

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Plan KD 10
Jawwy TV + Set up Box
Cat 6 mini
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Plan KD 15 KD 13 KD 18 KD 25
Jawwy TV
4 1.5 1.5
Get Jawwy TV as a secondary device* with stc Internet or Voice Postpaid plans
Add-on Commitment
KD 4 12 Months

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* For stc Internet Postpaid plans offer is valid from KD 10 and above plans. You must be under the commitment for the past 3 months at least.

* For stc Voice Postpaid plans offer is valid from KD 10 and above plans. You must be under the commitment for the past 3 months at least.


Terms and Conditions

These terms and conditions are important. Please read them carefully:


Service Description


Through Jawwy TV Set-top Box, customers will be able to watch Jawwy TV digital content that includes free-to-air and encrypted TV channels as well as video on demand content, in addition to other content or services that may be added from time to time.


Providing Jawwy TV Service


Jawwy TV services will be provided to the customer through Set-top Box if the customer subscribes to Internet Postpaid plan, subject to subscription for a minimum of 12 months from the date of contract. The customer will be able to watch the contents of the Jawwy TV from the time of receiving the Set-top Box either by subscribing to a new Internet Postpaid plan or by upgrading to the existing Internet Postpaid plan. Set-top Box accessories such as remote control and power cord will be provided free of charge when the service is obtained, and in case of loss or damage the customer can purchase it from stc.


Suspension of the Service


Jawwy TV service will be suspended if the customer cancels or suspends the subscription to the Internet Postpaid plan. The service may be suspended by stc if it determines that the customer is using it inconsistently with the terms and conditions. In addition, the service will be suspended if the customer is unable to pay the plan fee.


Theft or Loss of Set-top Box


The customer must notify stc in case of loss or theft of the Set-top Box, so stc can stop the service; the customer will then have to purchase a replacement device. In case of theft and in order to provide the customer with an alternative device for no charge, the customer must provide the evidence such as a police report.


Username and Password


To activate the Set-top Box, the customer will be provided with a username and password, the customer must keep it confidential and not disclose it to any other party. The customer will be responsible for all consequences resulting from the use of the username and password by third parties. If the customer knows or doubts that the username and password have been identified by third parties, he/she must notify stc directly, and make sure to change the username and password as soon as possible. If stc finds that the third parties have identified the username or password, stc will suspend the service until the password is changed.


Customers' Obligations


The customer must not do the following:



Control on Access to Content


What is broadcast may not be suitable for viewing or use by persons of different age groups. It is the customer's responsibility to ensure that the content being displayed is suitable for persons who view or use it (including children). The customer can control the access to content through the ‘Parental Control’ settings or any other settings available on Jawwy TV.


Changes to Set-top Box and Contents


stc may change, stop broadcasting, and edit all or some of the contents and programs on Jawwy TV service at any time.

Jawwy TV service offers a wide range of contents, programs and movies on request, but stc may change or delete contents from time to time. stc shall not be liable for these changes and the customer shall not be entitled to claim and/or withhold payment of any amount if some programs or contents are no longer broadcast or becomes unavailable within the service for any reason. stc will try to inform customers in advance, but may not be able to do so in all cases. If stc intends to charge the customer for any content, the customer will be informed in advance and his/her approval will be taken.


Transferring Responsibilities


This Agreement is for the customer personally and he/she does not have the right to transfer it, sell it, receive any benefits upon it or give any obligations under it to
another person without stc’s approval.


Notices and Variations of Charges, Pricing Plans and Terms and Conditions


stc may change the Terms and Conditions of this Agreement at any time. Changes will be posted on stc’s official website and the customer will be legally bound by these changes. Please check the website regularly for updates.