Take your 4G plan to 5G with stc، subscribe to our Postpaid plan

Missing out on the amazing benefits of 5G? The blazing speeds, low latency, super connectivity and more. Now with the latest offer from stc, you can upgrade your 4G plan to 5G! All you have to do is extend your commitment period by 24 months. Move to 5G and enjoy endless possibilities. Download movies in the blink of an eye, be an ace at gaming and share your moments instantly! Upgrade now.

What does the upgrade give you?

  • When you upgrade your plan, you will get a new 5G router
  • No daily FUP

Who can upgrade?

  • Customers will be eligible for the service if they were with stc for a minimum of 3 months

How to upgrade?

  • You have to sign a new commitment of 24 months, in addition to your current commitment
  • You will be charged an additional KD 10 for the service and the 5G router, in addition to the main plan and any add-ons if applicable

Plan details

Plan Rental 5G Quota 5G Service Fee’s 5G Router Fee’s Total Fee’s
KD 10 1TB KD 5 KD 5 KD 20
KD 13 2TB KD 5 KD 5 KD 23
KD 18 Shared 3TB KD 5 KD 5 KD 28

STC  Helpline
For assistance call 102