Discover state-of-the-art technology that puts you in full control enabling you to record and view surveillance video footages anytime from anywhere via cloud storage or by using direct live streaming. Measure accurately the temperature of your employees and ensure their safety and wellbeing with our thermal screening solutions which can be linked to a facial recognition system.

Video Surveillance as a Service

stc plans offer your business an end-to-end video surveillance solution which includes cameras, cloud storage, connectivity, cloud video management, and optional on-premises storage.

Enjoy exclusive benefits including remote support, scalable cloud video storage and premium video management software for a worry-free experience.

If you have your existing surveillance setup and are looking forward to shifting your surveillance to cloud, our offer includes video management software (VMS) licenses with stc Cloud storage capacity per camera, with the flexibility to increase or decrease the storage whenever required.


Thermal screening solutions

Thermal Screening Cameras - Widely used for fever detection at entrances, it has an accuracy range of 0.5 (plus/minus) and can be installed as a standalone workstation/ integrated with your network with face recognition.
Handheld Thermal Screening Device - With a built-in screen for on-the-move screening, can be used in crowded locations with quick and accurate fever detection.
Smart Helmet - Easy to install and use on the move, it offers quick temperature monitoring for individuals or between crowds with AI features for face recognition.
Touch-Free Access Control - A face recognition access control terminal that quickly measures temperature, triggers voice prompts upon detecting fever and issues alerts when not wearing face masks, among many other features and can all be uploaded to your Control Center.

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