Published Date : 21st June 2020
Get the HUAWEI P40 5G now and benefit from five times the internet special offer

  • Al-Fulaij: We strive to provide our customers with revolutionary devices that utilize the 5G technology
  • Explore the future of photography with HUAWEI coupled with an aesthetically pleasing exterior

Kuwait - 21st June 2020: Kuwait Telecommunications Company - stc, a world-class digital leader providing innovative services and platforms to customers enabling the digital transformation in Kuwait, announced the launch of HUAWEI’s latest series of P40 5G smartphones. The series includes the HUAWEI P40 5G and the HUAWEI P40 Pro 5G, two revolutionary devices available through stc’s 5G postpaid plans with a special internet capacity that offers 5 times the GBs.

stc is offering the devices to customers under its 5G postpaid plans starting at KD27, including the HUAWEI P40 5G smartphone, 500 local minutes, and a 250GB internet package (instead of 50GB). Customers interested in purchasing the HUAWEI P40 Pro 5G can do so with a monthly package starting at KD29, also including 500 local minutes, a 250GB internet package, and will receive an additional month for free.

Commenting on the exclusive offer, Chief Consumer Officer (CCO) of stc, Ms. Haneen Ibrahim Al-Fulaij, said, “stc aims to offer its customers in Kuwait with exclusive deals on the latest smartphone devices and the fastest broadband connection to meet and exceed the growing demand of its diverse customer base. We strive to enrich our customers’ experience through advanced products that are capable of utilizing the 5G technology to its fullest, providing an unrivalled online service that is faster than ever.” Al-Fulaij added, “Through this exclusive offer, we reaffirm our commitment to continue providing our customers with the latest revolutionary products and services available in the market to keep pace with the rapidly developing digital world. This follows our sustainable strategic approach to enable digital transformation and integrate digital solutions to contribute towards enhancing our customers’ lifestyles beyond traditional telecom services.”


HUAWEI’s P40 5G series pushes boundaries with limitless potential. The devices are each equipped with the cutting-edge Kirin 990 5G chipset delivering ultra-fast speeds for a real experience. The high processing performance embraces the Ultra Vision Leica Triple Camera’s ability to effortlessly capture immaculate photos and videos in any condition thanks to its upgraded AI capability.

The series offer fluent 4K livestream capabilities, a frequently used smartphone feature, allowing users to enjoy 4K quality streaming at ultra-high network speeds with low delay times.

The HUAWEI devices are also equipped with a dual SIM card option plus eSIM. To activate this option users can select any two out of the three channels based on their needs. When one SIM card is in use on a call, the other can still receive calls or access the internet at the same time. Supporting 2G, 3G, 4G and 5G, as well as most mainstream frequencies, the smartphones are a perfect companion when traveling the world.

In terms of Wi-Fi capabilities, the Wi-Fi 6 plus enables phones to use Dynamic Narrow Bandwidth to penetrate more walls and floors, providing a stronger signal at all times. Supporting a 160 MHz bandwidth, the HUAWEI P40 5G brings out optimal speeds reaching up to 2.4 Gbps.

The innovative CPU architecture promotes high power efficiency allowing the AI mechanism to make the best use of the 3800mAh battery to achieve optimal performance and longer working time.

The series is designed with a matte finish and solid colors revealing elegance from the inside out. Inspired by the beauty and form of flowing water, the Quad-Curve Overflow Display is innovated to dissolve the barriers of vision and imagination on every edge. With the 90 Hz refresh rate, users can enjoy an immersive view over the entire fluid screen. The mounting middle frame and protective round corners enhance the harmonious feel from your eyes to your hand.

The HUAWEI P40 Pro+ features a refreshed back design using advanced Nano-tech ceramic, polished to be gentle, smooth, and tough, reaching a perfect balance in look and feel. The iconic camera stage and flawless ceramic back are integrated into a consistent design, bringing an inclusive harmony of nature.

The 50MP Ultra Vision camera includes a 16MP Ultra-Wide-Angle camera on the HUAWEI P40, and a 40MP Ultra-Wide-Angle camera on the HUAWEI P40 Pro. The HUAWEI P40 features a 8MP Telephoto camera with 3x Optical Zoom, 5x Hybrid Zoom and 30x Max Zoom, while the HUAWEI P40 Pro features a 12MP Telephoto Camera with 3x Optical Zoom, 5x Hybrid Zoom and 30x Max Zoom.

HUAWEI’s smartphones also include a multi-spectrum color temperature sensor with a AI AWB algorithm, a 32 MP front camera for beautiful and natural selfies, an AI motion algorithm to detect postures and expressions, AI capability of Gallery Edit to remove passer-by’s and specific layers, ultra-fast speeds with the world’s first integrated 5G SoC, the Kirin 990 5G chipset, 3800 mAh battery, 22.5 W HUAWEI SuperCharger, as well as face and fingerprint security lock features.

For more details, customers can follow stc’s official social media platforms, visit one of stc’s branches, download the stc application (mystc), visit or contact the customer service center by dialing 102 for around the clock assistance.

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