Published Date : 12th September 2019
VIVA launches the ‘Talent Development Program’ in cooperation with Huawei for staff

Kuwait - 11th September 2019: VIVA, Kuwait's fastest-growing and most developed telecom operator, launched recently the ‘Talent Development Program’ in cooperation with Huawei Technologies Kuwait, during an event held at VIVA HQ, in presence of VIVA’s CEO Mr. Maziad Naser Al-Harbi, VIVA’s CHRO Mr. Anas Al-Ateeqi and Huawei’s  Deputy CEO Mr. Rico Lin.

This collaboration between VIVA and Huawei is the result of a robust relationship between both companies. Huawei will provide an intensive program for VIVA employees through the ‘Huawei Training Academy’ to introduce the latest technology of the 5G network and how to benefit from its advantages in creating new and innovative solutions, products and services that serve different segments of the society and meet their aspirations in line with the digital transformation that the telecommunications market witnesses, as well as educating the employees to earn at the end of the program an international accreditation of ‘Huawei Training Academy’.

On this occasion, VIVA’s CHRO Mr. Anas Al-Ateeqi commented: “Huawei has always been and still a strategic partner since VIVA’s inception hence leading to a long track record of achievements together throughout this past decade and more to come. That said, we have great confidence in Huawei’s expertise to provide all the support required to educate and brace our employees about the 5G network, specially that it is considered today as one of the main topics in the technology market, and which will automatically result in enhancing our performance and customer service levels.”

Al-Ateeqi added: “VIVA being a pioneer in the telecom industry, we believe that investing in our people, and sharpening their talents is a priority that we have always implemented through regular educational activities and courses. We believe that human development is the key factor in our strategy to strengthen VIVA's leadership stance in the region, towards sustainable growth, improved operational performance and capacity building to deliver new digital services (ICT) to our customers.’

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