Get uninterrupted 5G service

stc Baity introduces Baitna 5G, A new solution that provides you with the best possible 5G signal for the best internet speeds across your home.

What are the advantages of Baitna 5G?

  • Best uninterrupted speeds
  • Home wide Wi-Fi under one name

How can you get the bundle?

The device is available for both new and existing customers with 24 months commitment. You can get the bundle at the nearest stc branch, on our website, or mystc App.

  • Monthly
    KD 20



    Huawei ODU-1 + Smart Mesh

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1. What does the bundle provide?

  • Out Door Unit (ODU)
  • 3 mesh devices
  • Free installation

2. What is a mesh?

A mesh Wi-Fi, is a full home Wi-Fi network that consists of multiple access points to provide a seamless Wi-Fi coverage. One access point acts as a master unit and the other units work as satellites or mesh extenders.

3. What benefits are included in the FREE installation?

  • Free installation of the ODU and 3 mesh devices
  • Up to 25 meters of free cabling
  • KD 1 for every extra meter

4. Is this solution covered by warranty?

Yes, you can enjoy a one-year warranty on the devices included in the solution.

5. How can I apply for the solution?

All new and existing customers can subscribe by clicking here, or by calling 102.

6. How can I control/monitor my Baitna 5G solution?

The installation team will help you download an app on your phone, and will guide you on how to use it to control/monitor your Baitna 5G solution.

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