Help those in need and spread the goodness through stc's donation campaign

You can send an SMS to donate to the Kuwait Waqf Charity, which is an ongoing charity program aimed at providing an opportunity to the people of Kuwait to contribute to the benefit of the society at large.

Donatios Number Code Donation Amount (KD)
Waqf 55115 W 1 - 5 - 10 - 20

* To donate, send the project code along with the amount of donation: KD 1, KD 3, KD 5, KD 10 and KD 20. For example, send W10 to 55244.

Al Najat Charity contributes to the Waqf for the cause of the Holy Quran, and spends its revenues on nurturing Quranic memorizers, and supporting Quaranic centers, printing of the Quran and the development of Quaranic curriculum. The association sponsors 6000 students and 184 memorizers of Quran.

Donations Number Donation Amount (KD)
Al Najat 50443 1 - 5 - 10

* To donate, send the donation amount to 50443. Donation amounts are: KD 1, KD 5 and KD 10. For example, send 10 to 50443.

The Al Manabar Charity Association contributes to the collection of charities to serve the poor and needy.

Donations Number Code
Honoring Parents 50484 1
Quran Memorization 2

* To donate, send the project code to 50484. An amount of KD 1 will be deducted per message. For example, send 1 to 50484.

This is a service designed to feed the poor and the needy within Kuwait.

Donations Number Donation Amount (KD)
Food Bank 50487 1 - 5 - 10

* To donate, send the donation amount to 50487. You can donate: KD 1, KD 5 or KD 10. For example, send 10 to 50487.

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