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Who is Maher Zain?

Maher Zain is a Swedish album producer of Lebanese origin and is one of the biggest names in the Islamic genre. He rose to prominence with his debut album ‘Thank you Allah’, an international hit produced by Awakening Records in 2009. He released his follow-up album ‘Forgive Me’ in April 2012 under the same production company, and a third album titled ‘One’ in 2016. He is a sensation among all age-groups of audiences and draws fans from all corners of the world.

What does this service offer?

Maher Zain is a subscription based service that lets you enjoy a great variety of Maher Zain‘s content via SMS in addition to the latest news and updates about him.

How to subscribe?

  • Send 1 to 50726 for 700 fils/week.
  • You will receive an SMS notification to confirm your subscription
  • You will receive fresh content every day during your subscription

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