Published Date : 28 Sept 2021
stc launches “Weyak” initiative

Kuwait, 27 September 2021: Kuwait Telecommunications Company – stc, a world-class digital leader providing innovative services and platforms to customers, enabling the digital transformation in Kuwait, announced the launch of its new initiative “Weyak”, which focuses on enabling the digital transformation journey and supporting SMEs and local start-ups.

The concept behind the initiative stems from the commitment stc upholds to the local economy in backing and supporting companies in their gradual return to normalcy. Through the Company’s effort to stand by ventures and businesses owned by nationals, hence the title “Weyak”, stc aims to provide SMEs exposure to their services to help in lifting them up after falling during the challenges faced in the market due to the pandemic.

stc indicated in a statement that through the "Weyak" initiative, the Company will grant participating SMEs and start-ups with the opportunity to promote and showcase their products and services. This includes showcasing their offerings through a series of organized activities in coordination with stc.

stc mentioned that SMEs participating in the initiative will also have the opportunity to be exposed to customized offers and promotions provided by stc’s business arm, solutions by stc, that are tailored to suit the needs of business owners. Additionally, stc will be promoting the participants’ projects through the Company’s social media platforms, assisting the business owners in presenting their solutions to a wider potential customer base.

Commenting on this initiative, Danah AlJasem, General Manager of Corporate Communications at stc, said, “Through this initiative, we aim to provide SMEs with supporting services that will grant them the exposure they need online as well as exposing them to tailored packages and solutions with the sole objective of streamlining and enhancing their operations. We will also be providing them with around the clock support to assist them in utilizing the full breadth of our offerings. Having said that, our focus is to assist our customers by providing them with the proper means to digitally transform their businesses and operations.”

AlJasem added, “Our initiative builds on the values that stc holds in implementing its strategy to support SMEs. We were keen to connect with companies while simultaneously implementing our CSR agenda, believing in the important role the private sector plays in the community. Through our various initiatives we believe that we can contribute in positively impacting the local business, as well as the Kuwaiti society, in line with the Kuwaiti 2035 vision.”

AlJasem concluded, “We will spare no effort in implementing the framework and initiatives under our CSR strategy in a way that enhances and empowers our society. We believe that this will ultimately build a balanced and sustainable work environment fit to empower the younger generation.”

stc has launched numerous initiatives specifically directed towards supporting SMEs, start-ups, and entrepreneurs. In this regard, the Company affirmed its position to continue providing pioneering and innovative solutions that aim to support and solve some of the challenges faced by the sector due to the unforeseen market challenges. This affirmation also runs parallel to stc’s strategy to enable digital transformation in Kuwait.

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