Connectivity Solutions

In the competitive world of business, ensuring seamless continuity is fundamental to your success. At solutions by stc we fully understand that every business has a different set of connectivity priorities based on the industry and the nature of your transactions. That’s why we have a complete suite of connectivity solutions to cater to all your needs covering both 5G and fixed line services. We ensure that you enjoy uncompromised connectivity wherever you are by providing you with the following services.

  • Dedicated Data Access


    Dedicated Data Access functions over solutions by stc Cloud to ensure uninterrupted point-to-point transmission. The solution comes with CPE’s and routers and lends itself to multiple services like the internet through ISP with speeds of up to 50Mbps over 5G, connecting locations, IP telephony, CCTV,ICT services, and platform management.

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  • Dedicated Internet Access


    To ensure that your business communication flow smoothly, our Dedicated Internet Access provides you with seamless connectivity over solutions by stc Cloud. You can set variable dedicated speeds over 5G up to 100Mbps depending on your clients using a special link. You can also enjoy a static public IP to cater to the requirements of your customers.

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  • Fixed Services


    Give your business the best of both worlds combining high-speed connectivity and unfluctuating consistency with fixed services from solutions by stc. With choice of fiber or DSL, you can enjoy highly reliable and cost-effective means to meet all your communication needs including sharing business-critical data in real-time without ever compromising on speed or quality.

  • Dedicated Access Backup


    Dedicated Access Backup provides an alternative support for your primary connectivity through 5G, microwave, fiber, or DSL technologies. Whenever there’s a disruption, it promptly switches to the backup plan to keep your operations running smoothly. You can also easily scale up your internet capacity or increase your commitment period through our selfcare service.

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