Published Date : 9 March 2021
solutions by stc partners with Huawei to launch IdeaHub office master

Kuwait - 8 March 2020:Kuwait Telecommunications Company – stc, a world-class digital leader providing innovative services and platforms to customers, enabling the digital transformation in Kuwait, announced that its specialized business arm solutions by stc has partnered with Huawei to offer corporate customers with the latest cutting edge productivity tool and office master, IdeaHub. The innovative solution aims to create an all-scenario smart office ecosystem that builds on the vast capability of the current cloud era to boost operational efficiency for corporate customers.

In its statement, solutions by stc noted that the increased demand for digital transformation global economies are witnessing is partially due to restrictions and protocols implemented to mitigate the risks of the Coronavirus pandemic. The accelerated adoption rate of new technologies that can power seamless remote collaboration programs and meetings is at an all-time high. With an aim to provide its customers with innovative business solutions, solutions by stc partnered with Huawei to offer an all-in-one ultra-modern and simplified product design that can provide extensive collaboration capabilities, as well as other advanced features that enable smart technology.

IdeaHub is an innovative tool for the smart office that integrates a wide range of solutions designed to effectively enhance the working environment in any office setting. Bundled with AI features and advanced capabilities such as smart auto text recognition, advanced 4k wireless sharing with reverse back feature, and advanced video conferencing features like speaker voice tracking, IdeaHub aims to elevate the online collaboration experience. With an open ecosystem compatible with multiple applications, the all-in-one concept includes advanced whiteboards, professional conferencing, bulletin boards, office applications and dual operating systems. Through its advanced features and cloud-enabled solutions, the IdeaHub can transform traditional office environments into integrated smart ecosystems that are intelligent, user-friendly, and productive.

The partnership formed with Huawei to offer the productivity tool through solutions by stc builds on a series of innovative offerings introduced by the Company to support the B2B market by enhancing efficiency and the path towards digitization. The IdeaHub is a concept that represents a key component under stc’s strategic plan to provide safe and secure world-class connectivity through advanced IT solutions, paving the way for digital transformation in businesses. As a business solutions provider, solutions by stc offers a range of connectivity solutions, fixed or wireless services, 5G technology, ICT, IoT and the IT products and services.

Given the ongoing pandemic, working environments today are shifting towards digitization at a rapid pace to offer a range of solutions to customers and clients online and with ease. Through this transformation, businesses are now depending on technology and collaboration tools to deliver such services while battling the ongoing pandemic effectively and efficiently. Through solutions by stc’s partnership with Huawei, a renowned and recognized brand in the digital world, solutions by stc aims to assist corporate customers in integrating their operational aspects to strengthen the collaboration needs amongst internal and external work teams.

solutions by stc will continue to expand its offering line and form strategic partnerships to onboard and introduce new technologies that can integrate systems to enable digitization across multiple work functions and sectors, with a goal to provide a breadth of solutions that can greatly enhance the operational efficiency of day-to-day activities to achieve favorable outcomes for its customers.

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