Published Date : 15 February 2021
solutions by stc strengthens its cyber security solutions with “shield”

  • AlNusif: Through our SOC, solutions by stc can provide competitive solutions that suit the diverse needs of our growing corporate customer base while providing 24/7 data protection monitoring and prevention

Kuwait - 14 February 2021 : Kuwait Telecommunications Company – stc, a world-class digital leader providing innovative services and platforms to customers, enabling the digital transformation in Kuwait, announced that it is offering its corporate customers through its specialized business arm solutions by stc with the ultimate solution in cyber security and protection, “Shield”. The pioneering service is deployed through solutions by stc under the Security Operations Center (SOC) to ensure the safety of businesses by identifying risks in possible data breaches, 360 degrees protection, and assessing critical assets to enable a worry-free environment for businesses to thrive digitally.

solutions by stc issued a statement highlighting the benefits of its leading IT solutions in the cyber security field that can elevate the customer experience and provide protection for businesses who rely on digital and online data. The cyber security solutions are offered through solutions by stc’s SOC, which consists of highly qualified and intellectual cyber security technicians that utilize the latest cutting-edge technology, world-class standardized tools, and advanced methods to manage online and data protection. The SOC aims to detect and analyze vulnerabilities in the digital infrastructures without inflicting data loss or any unexpected interruption in service. The team monitors and identifies possible breach attempts or incidents that might compromise the security of any business, while analyzing data logs and reporting any suspicious behavior to the customer in real-time to take proper action.

To strengthen its SOC, solutions by stc partnered with leading international cyber security providers to keep pace with the rapidly evolving tools and techniques hackers may use to penetrate the fire walls of any business. As a pioneering IT solutions provider in the region, solutions by stc maintains the highest level of cyber security for its customers, ensuring that their data is always protected. “Shield”, the solution offered by solutions by stc, aims to reduce the costs businesses would generally expect when hiring experts to carry out the same functions and standard of protection. The solution also includes 24/7 rapid detection while minimizing risks and possible downtime.

The cyber solutions offered by solutions by stc follow a series of innovative offerings introduced by the Company to support businesses in managing their operations more effectively while enhancing efficiency. “Shield”, an innovative cyber security solution, stems from stc’s strategic plan to provide safe and secure world-class connectivity through IT solutions under one roof, paving the way for digital transformation in businesses. As a business solutions provider, solutions by stc offers a range of connectivity solutions, fixed or wireless services, 5G technology, ICT, IoT and the IT products and services.

Mohammad N. AlNusif, Chief Executive Officer of solutions by stc, said, “As the number of daily cyber-attacks increases both locally and globally, so does the demand for effective data protection. Through our SOC, solutions by stc can provide competitive solutions that suit the diverse needs of our growing corporate customer base while providing 24/7 data protection monitoring and prevention. We possess an in-depth understanding of our customers’ needs which positions us as the preferred telecommunication and IT solutions provider in the region.”

AlNusif added, “We will spare no effort in developing effective solutions that maintain the highest levels of online and data security for our customers with the support of international players who specialize in data breach and prevention management. Additionally, we provide a breadth of solutions that can greatly enhance the operational efficiency of the day-to-day activities run by businesses of all sizes across multiple industries. In our mission to aid businesses succeed within their industries and sectors, we will continue to introduce new offerings, and enhance existing ones, to achieve optimal outcomes for our customers.”

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