Published Date : 27 January 2021
stc participates in cyber security live discussion organized by GUST University

  • Al Ali: We strive to maintain the integrity, confidentiality, and availability (ICA) of our customers data, business partners and the general public

Kuwait - 26 January 2021 : Kuwait Telecommunications Company – stc, a world-class digital leader providing innovative services and platforms to customers, enabling the digital transformation in Kuwait, announced its participation in the Gulf University for Science and Technology’s (GUST) discussion under the Brilliant Minds program (Staying Safe Online) on cyber security held for students and followers through a live session on the university’s official Instagram account.

Delivering the informative session, General Manager of Cyber Security at stc, Eng. Issa Al Suwait, simplified the concepts behind cyber security to the audience, while addressing the cyber risks and challenges individuals may encounter. The initiative falls under stc’s corporate social responsibility (CSR) agenda and builds on the Company’s strategy to enable digital transformation in Kuwait.

stc issued a statement highlighting that as cyber security attacks become more advanced, targeted, and diverse, individuals and enterprises should be well educated on how to protect themselves and identify possible cyber threats. The session, delivered by Al Suwait, focused on informing viewers on the different types of common attacks that occur in the digital world today, the local and global overview on the matter, as well as tips and recommendations to consider when using connected devices or internet services.

On the importance of taking necessary precaution measures to protect data, Al Suwait discussed some of the available online tools designed to safeguard valuable information, in addition to precautionary tips to avoid unauthorized access. Unlike individual users, businesses require advanced methods of protection and constant monitoring to maintain high security levels. Based on that, he elaborated on some of the innovative methods to protect customers against cyber-attacks and the techniques hackers may use to penetrate the firewalls of businesses and private accounts.

Participating in the informative discussion falls under one of the key pillars of stc’s CSR agenda, which focuses on educating the public, especially students and youth, on various topics that can provide them with valuable knowledge they can apply in their daily lives.

Cyber security has become a widely popular topic and an essential factor to consider when enabling digital transformation as it provides the means to protect online data shared by users daily across multiple platforms. As a telecom operator and digital solutions provider, stc places great emphasis on informing the public of the different methods and tools available to protect online data from cyber-attacks.

Chief Technology Officer at stc, Eng. Fahad Al Ali, said, “Cyber security attacks are evolving at a rapid pace, targeting end users through ransomware, social engineering and blackmail attacks. With the growing demand for online services, users are exposing valuable and sensitive information through different online platforms that they rely on daily. It is important that users consider and apply the necessary means to protect their data and take extra precautionary measures to ensure that they are not exposing their information to those who might unethically leverage on.

He added, “This initiative, organized by GUST, allowed us to showcase some of the different methods that hackers may use to gain access to valuable and private data. It also allowed us to inform the followers about the different techniques they can individually apply to protect themselves against such acts. We find it crucial to ensure that individuals are well educated on how they can secure their data through simple practices that would make it more difficult for cyber-attacks to succeed.”

Al Ali concluded by saying, “On behalf of stc, I would like to thank GUST for hosting this discussion that will shed light on some of the cyber security practices available today to protect end users from attacks or unauthorized access to valuable information. At stc, we strive to maintain the integrity, confidentiality, and availability (ICA) of data for our customers, business partners and the general public.”

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