Published Date : 14 October 2020
stc presents “Lean ROT” the latest restaurant management solution

  • Al-Hamad: Our goal is to support SMEs overcome the challenges that have risen due to the pandemic by enabling digital transformation

Kuwait - 14 October 2020: Kuwait Telecommunications Company – stc, a world-class digital leader providing innovative services and platforms to customers, enabling the digital transformation in Kuwait, introduced its latest innovative solution, Lean Restaurant Operations Technology "Lean ROT", designed to suite the needs of current and potential stc customers that own or operate small to medium-sized restaurants.

stc introduced “Lean ROT” exclusively for restaurant owners as a value adding service that enables digital transformation through a suite of features. The solution utilizes the latest technology in automated and digital restaurant management that is used in the highly demanding and challenging sector, which is also in line with international standards.

"Lean ROT" is distinguished by its innovative features that enable restaurant owners to operate their businesses at the highest efficiency rates while increasing sales revenue, enhancing productivity, and optimizing marketing activities. Additionally, the solution will assist restaurant owners in reducing operating costs and the number of employees required to operate the business successfully.

The advanced software incorporates new tech-based solutions introduced in the global telecom industry, specifically designed to assist SMEs. The comprehensive ecosystem is built to serve SMEs and will permit business owners to tackle some of the steep challenges facing the industry due to the Coronavirus pandemic. With the increase in competition and higher operational costs due to the implementation of safety protocols, businesses worldwide are shifting towards developing and digitizing their operations across various sectors and industries.

The solution utilizes the latest programming languages with integrated artificial intelligence to manage the operational aspect with minimal human interference. Once a user issues an invoice, all other related aspects of the operation are executed automatically. These include accounting-based adjustments, optimizing product inventory, HR management, issuing payments and other key functions.

stc’s “Lean ROT” service is offered through competitive packages with monthly subscription fees covering all options including sales management, marketing, order placement, accounting, HR, and purchasing. The system is the most preferred alternative to hiring an accountant or HR specialist to perform accounting and human resources related functions.

Through its integrated multi-use features, the system can add an unlimited number of users, cashier profiles, and outlets for different workstations in any branch. It also supports a multichain solution that can handle multiple branches, allowing restaurant owners to implement their expansion or franchise plans regionally or at any location around the world.

Commenting on the new service provided, Meshari Al Hamad, General Manager of Sales & Account Management at stc, said, “We continuously focus on developing our offerings and range of services to cater to entrepreneurs and businesses of various sizes within diverse market segments. By offering the latest digital solutions in line with the best international standards, we strive to enhance the user experience and business models of our existing and new customers.”

He added, "Since launching stc’s digital transformation strategy, the B2B team has been working diligently to provide exclusive platforms and exceptional offers, some of which were offered at no cost, to meet the goals and aspirations of customers. The purpose of launching these initiatives is to assist and support small businesses in navigating and overcoming this difficult period which witnessed major economic challenges.”

Al Hamad expressed that the COVID-19 pandemic forced businesses and restaurants to suspend their operations for an extended period, incurring additional unexpected costs. Based on these conditions, stc’s B2B team of has worked on identifying possible ways to help this segment, which represents a large share of the local economy. The purpose of the solutions and tools introduced by the B2B team at stc aim to enhance operational efficiency and support SMEs in mitigating the impact of the pandemic without incurring additional costs.

He concluded, “At stc, we closely monitor what services are required in the market and how we can utilize our advanced platforms to assist businesses during this critical time. Our goal is to continue leveraging our knowledge in the telecom and digital realms to offer a range of products and services that enable digital transformation for our customers. All services offered by stc to its B2B customers are complimented by our highly experienced and responsive team, as well as the largest 5G network in Kuwait.”

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