Published Date : 10 January 2021
stc forms strategic partnership with Tecnotree

  • Al Ali: -Receiving this new version of the ISO certification confirms and demonstrates our commitment to implement a robust business continuity plan that is adaptable to different circumstances and resilient during times of uncertainty
  • The rapid response witnessed by the team at stc enabled us to implement a comprehensive and effective continuity plan that allowed us to maintain our operations

Kuwait - 10 January 2021:Kuwait Telecommunications Company – stc, a world-class digital leader providing innovative services and platforms to customers, enabling the digital transformation in Kuwait, announced that it has been certified with the latest version of the ISO Certification in Business Continuity (ISO 22301:2019). The certification comes after a thorough and vigorous auditing process performed by TopCertifier, one of the leading consultation firms in ISO certifications.

stc released a statement indicating that the certification process, headed by the Business Continuity Team and involved several other employees, revealed the practices and procedures implemented within the Company while implementing its business continuity plan. During the evaluation process, the team presented the necessary requirements requested by the international ISO standard in details, while confirming that internal protocols were taken accordingly. The findings and documented procedures were delivered by the Business Continuity Team to the independent auditing team at TopCertifier for verification prior to the submission. stc has obtained and maintained the (ISO 22301:2012) version since 2017, and since then has been following the requirements of the quality standard, and accordingly, stc has revamped its processes to adhere to the requirements of the latest version (ISO 22301:2019).

The ISO Certification in Business Continuity comes as a testament to the diligent approach taken by stc to implement protocols and guidelines to maintain all business-related operations during the pandemic. While the continuity plan goes beyond the restrictive measures witnessed during the pandemic, the team at stc had developed a comprehensive management system to effectively manage such incidents in case they occurred. Through active monitoring and continuously enhancing the system, stc managed to safely resume its operations for all stakeholders while abiding to the guidelines imposed by the government.

Eng. Fahad Al Ali,stc Chief Technology Officer, said, “Receiving this ISO certification confirms and demonstrates our commitment to implement a robust business continuity plan that is adaptable to different circumstances and resilient during times of uncertainty. At stc, we continuously search for new ways to enhance the offerings and services we provide our customers with. To continue delivering the same quality of services to our customers, it is critical that we provide our employees with access to the necessary resources they need through a streamlined and documented process.”

In his words of appreciation, Al Ali thanked the team at stc and all those who participated in achieving this great recognition for the Company. Considering that stc is the most recent telecom company to enter the Kuwaiti market, the Board of Directors at stc had recommended to plan and establish a continuity plan in case of unexpected events that may disrupt both the internal and external operations of the Company.

It is worth mentioning that the latest version of the ISO 22301 is an upgrade to a comprehensive standard that represents the highest level of commitment to business continuity and disaster preparedness. By achieving ISO 22301 certification, stc continues to demonstrate its focus on high availability and business continuity, as well as the commitment to constantly provide reliable services to its customers.

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