How can I make calls when I am abroad?

To call another subscriber just dial: + (country code), (city code if applicable), (destination number) or 00 (country code), (city code if applicable), (destination number).

How can I choose a network?

In the country you visit, your phone chooses the GSM operator that has a contract with stc automatically. If your mobile phone doesn’t have such a feature, or if you wish to use another operator, you will need to choose the operator. When you go to a country that has 3G or 4G network with your compliant handset, you can make calls, answer the calls you receive, send/receive SMS and enjoy internet connection.

How can I roam using a global satellite network?

Using Thuraya, for example, which provides services with satellite technology, you can make calls and use available services even from areas that are not covered. For this, you just need to insert the SIM card in the satellite phone.

How do I activate roaming services?

1. Through stc branches

2. Through our Contact Center at 102

3. By SMS:

Send 30 to 567 to activate internet roaming service Pay As You Go

Send 50 to 567 to activate international calling service Pay As You Go

Send R to 102 to check all the available packages for data and voice

What is stc Roam?

stc Roam provides exclusive roaming plans for 7 days, 10 days, and 30 days available for all Postpaid, Prepaid and Internet customers. The plans cover more than 100 countries across the world including GCC countries and are applicable on all internet services (for example internet browsing, MMS, emails, WAP, YouTube, etc.)

What are the new stc Roam Internet plans available?

  • KD 7 for 7 days with unlimited internet in all countries.

To activate send i2 to 102.

  • KD 12 for 10 days with unlimited internet in all countries.

To activate send i6 to 102

  • KD 20 for 30 days with 3GB globally + unlimited internet in GCC, Egypt, Jordan, Iraq and Turkey.

To activate send i3 to 102.

What are the new voice plans available?

There are 3 voice plans to fulfill your needs while traveling abroad.

  • GCC plans: KD 5 for 7 days with 30 outgoing minutes + 30 SMS.

To activate send v1 to 102.

  • Global plans: KD 15 for 7 days with 30 outgoing minutes + 30 SMS.

To activate send v2 to 102.

  • KD 5 for 30 days with auto-renewal and free unlimited incoming calls.

To activate send v5 to 102.

How can I make a local call?

Just dial the number (e.g. 55102102) as it is. There are no local area codes in Kuwait or you can dial the number by prefixing it with the country code, i.e. +965 55102102.

How can I make an international call?

Dial “+” and “Country Code” and “Local Area Code” and “Number” or Dial “00” and “Country Code” and “Local Area Code” and “Number”. E.g. + 966 50 xxxxxxxxx or 00 966 50 xxxxxxxxx.

Through the IVR by calling 102 and following the below steps:

  • Press 5 for products and services main menu.
  • Press 1 for roaming and international main menu.
  • Press 2 for international services.
  • Press 1 to activate international services only.
  • Press 0 to contact our agent.

Do you have a fair usage policy in your unlimited internet packages?

Yes we have 1GB per day, which is the highest speed, after which the speed gets throttled down to 256KB, which allows you to use the internet but at a lower speed till the next day.

How will I know that my package has expired?

Once the validity of your roaming plan has expired, you will receive a notification SMS informing you about the expiry. Your internet will be disconnected until you activate the plan again.

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