Published Date : 10th June 2020

Your own online store and application activated through stc’s one stop shop

stc launches digital services to support SMEs and Startups

  • Providing the best and latest cloud solutions to help customers digitize and grow their business operations online while working from home
  • Enabling technology for business solutions amid the battle against COVID-19

Kuwait - 10 June 2020: Kuwait Telecommunications Company - stc, a world-class digital leader providing innovative services and platforms to customers enabling the digital transformation in Kuwait, announced the launch of several lucrative digital and cloud solutions to support SMEs and startups. The innovative and effective digital solutions, will offer customers the opportunity to develop and activate their own online store with a dedicated mobile application that will be operational within a few working days.

stc’s advanced digital solutions aim to assist customers through their journey in utilizing the Company’s integrated services to achieve their unique goals by growing and developing their business. The services offered are backed by an infrastructure based on stc’s high-speed 5G network, and a professional team of specialists ready to provide technical support to customers through various communication channels.

Through its strong network of relationships with companies in Kuwait, and the sales team led by General Manager of Sales & Account Management at stc, Meshari Al Hamad, stc aims to deliver a one stop shop for SMEs and startups to build their cloud based e-commerce platforms through stc’s integrated digital solutions at affordable prices. The cloud-based services, suitable for various businesses such as restaurants, retail, shops and other sectors, will allow customers to launch an online store and application within a few days and manage their business from home, ensuring operational continuity during these unstable conditions.

stc added that the new services will contribute towards supporting local entrepreneurs in managing their businesses through various online platforms with greater accessibility to their loyal customers. The cloud-based solutions offered by stc take advantage of the latest online technology and available digital platforms to transform their offerings into sales with ease. With greater online exposure and faster transaction speeds, entrepreneurs can grow their operations to meet their targets and in return increase their profitability.

To enhance customer experience and usability, stc has dedicated a team of experts to assist customers in utilizing the services offered by the Company. The team of experts will be available to assist customers and provide technical support in all stages of setting up their individual platforms in collaboration with stc’s strategic partner, Future Communications Company.

The services are offered through dynamic, affordable packages that cater to stc’s wide customer base of SMEs and startups with flexible monthly installment plans. stc will continue to utilize its resources to provide a helping hand in protecting the nation against the pandemic. The initiative falls in line with the Executive Management’s strategic framework at stc, running parallel to the Company’s sustainable approach to enabling digital transformation in Kuwait for new and existing customers, whether corporate or individuals.

Through ongoing collaborations and by aligning the Company’s resources with its strategic goals, stc aims to provide the latest digital solutions, considering all precautionary measures, beyond traditional telecom services. stc will continue to upgrade its services and offer the latest solutions that will exceed its new and existing customers’ expectations.

To find out more about stc’s promotions and services, you may visit stc’s official social media platforms, download the stc mobile application, visit or contact the business customer service center by emailing or dialing 50558881 for around the clock assistance.

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