Take your business further with innovation and the most advanced connectivity solutions tailored to your needs. Whether it’s quality, speed, and reliability, our technology is uncompromising to provide you the right support with a reliable, uninterrupted one-of-a-kind service solution to help you achieve your business objectives.

Dedicated Data Access

Every business has critical areas that require special connectivity solutions. That’s why we have gone a step further to bring you Dedicated Data Access, which functions over stc Cloud to ensure uninterrupted point-to-point transmission. The solution comes with CPE’s and routers and lends itself to multiple services like the internet through ISP with speeds up to 50Mbps, connecting locations, IP telephony, CCTV, ICT services, and platform management.


Dedicated Internet Access

To ensure that your business communications flow smoothly, our Dedicated Internet Access provides you with seamless connectivity over stc Cloud. You can set variable dedicated speeds up to 100Mbps depending on your clients using a special link. You can also enjoy a static public IP to cater to the requirements of your customers.


stc Dedicated Access Backup

Don’t let connectivity issues disrupt your business operations! stc Dedicated Access Backup provides an alternative support for your primary connectivity through microwave, fiber, or DSL technologies. Whenever there’s a disruption, it promptly switches to the backup plan to keep your operations running smoothly. You can also easily scale up your internet capacity through our Selfcare services. Contact your account manager and choose your secondary dedicated direct access data or internet backup plan now.



Check out a range of mobile internet plans to suit your business needs and enjoy the fastest speed, robust connectivity and high download capacities. With stc, your business is always ahead.


Keep your business on par with the latest technologies and grow further with stc business! Get our machine-to-machine connectivity solutions for flexible commitments and internet capacities, in addition to exclusive roaming add-ons in the GCC, Jordan, Egypt, Iraq, Turkey and other countries. With perfect nation-wide coverage, and special plans designed to serve fleet management and IoT solutions, rest assured that your business continuity is taken care of.

Static IP

Optimize your means to surveillance, website hosting and more with our static IP service. The use of static IP's will allow your internal and external surveillance to function in a reliable and efficient manner.

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