Published Date : 28th November 2019
VIVA organizes Prostate Cancer awareness session for staff, In cooperation with Al-Seef hospital

Kuwait - 27th November 2019:VIVA, a world-class digital leader providing innovative services and platforms to customers and enabling the digital transformation in Kuwait, and a subsidiary of STC Group, organized a Prostate Cancer awareness session for its employees at VIVA’s headquarter building, under the #because_we_care umbrella.

The event embraced several activities that brought the employees together to learn more about the health cause. The awareness session conducted by Dr. Alaa Eldin AbdelMaksoud, Consultant Urology at Al-Seef hospital, highlighted the importance of prevention and early screening which will in return reduce the probability of diagnosis and any required aggressive treatment. Dr. AbdelMaksoud also discussed with VIVA’s male employees the risks of the disease, its signs and symptoms and the given age and factors that play a main role in choosing the proper time of when one should start screening.

As part of the #because_we_care campaign, there was a high turnout from VIVA male employees who have attended the session and shown interest in the topic of discussion reflected by the continuous engagement with the doctor. This session falls in line with VIVA corporate social responsibility agenda that strives to support different initiatives all in benefit of the employees, the public and society as a whole.

VIVA has concluded the session by recognizing Dr. Alaa Eldin AbdelMaksoud with a trophy for his efforts and participation in this special occasion.

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