Published Date : 13th Oct 2019
VIVA successfully launches 5G Connectivity for Enterprise

Kuwait, 12 October 2019: VIVA, a world-class digital leader providing innovative services and platforms to customers and enabling the digital transformation in Kuwait, and a subsidiary of STC Group, announced today the successful launch of the first “5G Connectivity” services in the Middle East for Enterprises across Kuwait. After leading the 5G network commercialization and nation-wide coverage in the Kuwait, VIVA has been focusing on providing the latest and best business solutions based on 5G technology to enable national ICT Transformation across the country. The initiatives aim at tackling the challenges to access fast and flexible deployment, high reliability and low latency connectivity for enterprises in the Kuwaiti market. .

By leveraging VIVA’s leading infrastructure, “5G Connectivity” services will open a new era for Enterprise connection and ICT solutions in Kuwait. The “5G Connectivity” includes a series of products, such as “Dedicated Data Access”, “Dedicated Internet Access”, and on demand services like CCTV, Cloud PBX, which allows enterprises to have access to P2P and robust Internet with best experience and guaranteed bandwidth, that compliments fiber connectivity.

Eng. Maziad bin Naser Al-Harbi, VIVA’s CEO stated: “We are proud to launch “5G Connectivity” which is a service that enables enterprises to focus on growth of their business rather than worrying about connectivity. Thanks to our strong and leading 5G stance in the market, “5G Connectivity” will facilitate enterprise lease lines deployment and daily maintenance while ensuring an uninterrupted and enhanced experience. It will also provide the agile and scalable connectivity according to the enterprises’ needs and requirements. In the 5G era, the Dedicated Access will be a typical application scenario. I believe the services will promote the commercial and social value of 5G. In the future, we will continue to enhance our portfolios so that to enable state-of-art ICT solutions for local enterprises, hence we were eager to participate at GITEX Technology Week to showcase our developed products and services.”

Ms. Anowd Muthaib, General Manager of Enterprise Marketing, represented VIVA at the 39th GITEX Technology Week held in Dubai, where she has showcased VIVA’s significant growth in the B2B sector, focusing on innovative enterprise technology solutions and services that help both SMEs and large enterprises in developing their projects in line with the ICT Transformation process across the nation

To find out more information, customers can contact VIVA’s Corporate Customer Service and Support Center on 155, or reach out to their VIVA Account Manager.

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