Get the new stc Vcard For faster and safer online purchases

What is stc Vcard?

stc brings you the new Virtual Gift Card service that lets you make online purchases in a much faster, easier and safer way! Buy all that you want online on credit without a credit card or K-Net. Get the stc Vcard now and own your favorite online items hassle-free.

What can you purchase with stc Vcard?

You can use the card to buy your favorite items from iTunes, Google Play, Play Station and more.

How to activate Vcard?

  • Reply with E when you receive a promotional message on your phone from 50600
  • A gift card menu list will be sent to you
  • Choose the service you like from the menu and send the corresponding code to 50600
  • You’ll then receive a message confirming your selection along with a code
  • Reply with the code
  • The voucher will be sent to your phone instantly

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