Published Date : 20th November 2018
VIVA Organizes Blood Donation Day for Its Staff

Kuwait – 19th November 2018: In partnership with Kuwait Central Blood Bank, VIVA, Kuwait's fastest-growing and most developed telecom operator, organized Blood Donation Day at its Headquarters in Olympia Tower. This initiative is part of VIVA’s CSR program and corporate commitment to support community initiatives to help save lives and endorse good health practices among its staff.

VIVA’s employees gathered to donate blood and help save the lives of others. Blood donations during the day were added to the blood bank’s reserves to support its blood drive initiatives. The medical team also communicated important messages to donors about the importance of regular blood donation and its safe process.VIVA is keen to continue its ongoing socially responsible role in the community by spreading the spirit of goodness amongst Kuwaiti society. We believe at VIVA in taking a holistic approach to our CSR activities, one that engages our employees, and creates goodwill in our communities with a focus on helping to grow and develop the State of Kuwait.

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