Published Date : 07th June 2020

A first of its kind Smart Bus in the Middle East equipped with the largest 5G network

stc introduces innovative state of the art security solution through 5GLIVEBUS

  • Pioneering the use of 5G technology in developing the business sector
  • Providing the latest technology, services, and smart digital solutions to enrich the lives of customers

Kuwait-07th June 2020:Kuwait Telecommunications Company - stc, a world-class digital leader providing innovative services and platforms to customers enabling the digital transformation in Kuwait, announced the launch of the 5G LIVEBUS, a safe and smart bus supported by 5G connectivity, creating a safe and convenient transportation method for the passengers. The first of its kind transportation innovative in the Middle East provides advance and integrated safety solutions for the business owner’s and their employees, targeting all sectors and institutions of the state, especially the transportation sector, which is the most vital in the development of infrastructure.

In a statement released by stc, the Company highlighted that the initiative is designed to meet the needs of its strong network of relationships with businesses in Kuwait, and is led by General Manager of Sales & Account Management at stc, Meshari Al Hamad. The innovative concept falls in line with stc’s sustainable strategy to enable digital transformation by investing in developing the communications and technology sectors. The unique service will allow customers to enjoy the benefits of digital services and improve their business, while maintaining stc’s position as a leading telecom and digital solutions provider in the region.

The company added that the stc 5G LIVEBUS initiative is a critical step towards supporting business owners at the present time and falls in line with government’s guidelines in the fight against the COVID 19 pandemic. Businesses can ensure the safety of their employees during the transition process with ease while monitoring their status instantaneously and abiding to health and safety standards by monitoring social distancing through the command center. The initiative also contributes to the education sector by providing a safe and comfortable means of transportation that is monitored while transporting students from their homes to schools.

stc added that its R&D team has focused on developing and introducing the 5G LIVEBUS technology to begin with the transportation sector. Equipped with a continuous monitoring system, cameras are covering every angle of the exterior and interior of the bus, with the capability of tracking and recording movements. Motion sensors and an automated stop arm ensure the safety of riders when exiting the smart bus. The GPS feature helps locate the bus and reduces waiting time for its arrival, in addition to temperature, humidity and smoke sensors to ensure the comfort of users during the summer season.

The vehicle is also equipped with sensors to monitor driver behavior to help the driver stay undistracted and focused on the road. These technology is connected and reporting activity to linked command control centers to monitor bus data and ensure immediate response when necessary. Also provided by an easy to use application, keeping passengers safe and monitored at any given time.

Conforming to the highest safety standards and to support the guidelines imposed by the government in the battle against COVID-19, the vehicle can also be equipped with fever screening thermal cameras with the option of adding artificial intelligence and facial recognition to analyze and identify riders with high body temperatures.

stc concluded by saying that the 5G LIVEBUS project is an additional initiative added to the numerous activities launched by the Company related to the commercial use of 5G technology. This service provides 5G connectivity and unlimited connectivity Dedicated Access (DA) for the first time in the Middle East and Kuwait for the corporate sector, which relies on the largest 5G network covering all areas in Kuwait, and an advanced infrastructure to keep pace with this technological revolution.

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