Published Date : 18th June 2020


stc launches remote collaboration and video conferencing solutions for businesses

  • Suitable for video conferencing, sharing presentations, data collaborations and e-learning
  • The Company provides 4K touch-screen whiteboards, high-resolution conference cameras and superior quality microphones

Kuwait, 18 June 2020: Kuwait Telecommunications Company - stc, a world-class digital leader providing innovative services and platforms to customers enabling the digital transformation in Kuwait, announced its new bundle of revolutionary remote collaboration tools and integrated video conferencing services targeting the B2B segment.

The solutions offered by stc to its wide network of relationships with businesses and companies in Kuwait, aim to assist customers in overcoming obstacles that have risen due to the COVID-19 pandemic while providing the latest solutions in maintaining clear and consistent communication channels with employees and customers. The advanced technology will allow business owners and companies to enhance their performance and ensure operational continuity while abiding to the regulations imposed under the government’s curfew guidelines.

Commenting on this, General Manager of Sales & Account Management at stc, Meshari Al Hamad stated, “The COVID-19 pandemic forced companies to shut down their offices, led higher educational institutions to postpone academic activities, halted governmental procedures, and disrupted training academies and schools in Kuwait. Our new bundle of services and equipment allows organizations and institutions to resume their functions online with the option of conducting business meetings, trainings, workshops, and online learning sessions.”

Al Hamad added, “stc is offering these new solutions to both corporate and institutional customers with a range of video conferencing solutions. The solutions include stc’s connectivity options and a variety of endpoints that include 4K touch-screen whiteboards, high-resolution conference cameras, superior quality microphones as well as other products to support advanced online communication.”

He also highlighted that stc is launching these new solutions to provide a safe and effective way to share ideas, hold discussions and interact with colleagues remotely and efficiently. They also allow organizations to conduct business meetings and training sessions via video conferencing tools to interact with team members in real-time. The new systems require minimal setup by the user and are equipped with a range of hi-tech features to generate effective results.

Due to its revolutionary 5G network, stc offers nationwide connectivity, allowing users to enjoy ultra HD quality powered by artificial intelligence to deliver an ultimate, seamless, noiseless, and engaging meeting experience, coupled with high-end conferencing and collaboration equipment.

stc’s unified solutions fall in line with the Company’s strategy to enable digital transformation by ensuring business continuity and enhancing the performance of businesses of all sizes efficiently and with ease. The offerings are applicable to digitize government initiatives such as command centers, public safety through mobile policing, smart education through live e-classrooms and interactive teaching, smart healthcare through remote consultation for tele-medicine, business continuity tools for meetings, enterprise training and mobile office collaboration.

stc’s remote collaboration and video conferencing solutions converge audio, video, presentations, and data to deliver a full rounded collaborating system for work teams, with cutting-edge high-quality audio and video output. Intelligent Network Detection and Ultra-Low bandwidth ensure a superior streaming experience with an artificial intelligence system enabling on-screen name tags, real-time translations through subtitles, minute count, and intelligent tracking for optimal viewership. They also provide a 360 audio and video live stream feed with the option of inviting additional participants to attend the online meeting with a virtual reality experience. Through the virtual reality experience, attendees get to experience the setting of where the event is initiated as if they were there in person.

The services are offered through dynamic, affordable packages that cater to stc’s wide customer base with flexible monthly installment plans. The successful implementation of this initiative also comes as an additional milestone achieved under the series of programs launched by stc since the COVID-19 outbreak. stc will continue to launch initiatives in support of the decisions and regulations implemented by the Kuwaiti government in containing the virus, which highlights the consistent level of support witnessed by stc and the private sector towards local business owners and Kuwait’s economy.

Through ongoing collaborations and by aligning the Company’s resources with its strategic goals, stc aims to provide the latest digital and communication solutions, considering all precautionary measures, beyond traditional telecom services. stc will continue to upgrade its services and offer the latest devices that will exceed its new and existing customers’ expectations.

To find out more about stc’s solutions, visit, send an email to with your inquiry or contact stc business at 50558881.

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